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About us

What does Nhuara Baret offer?

The objective of our brand is to offer the market products that are genuinely effective, have no impact on long-term health and maintain a focus on beauty. For these reasons, we have concentrated all our efforts on creating cosmetic products that boast the following qualities:

  • A new-generation formula in which ingredients of natural origin predominate, respecting the principle of the whole plant.
  • Our products do not contain toxic chemicals such as petroleum derivatives and essential oils, etc.
  • In addition to water, one of the main ingredients of our products is Fresh Aloe Arborescens gel. Studies have shown that this wonder of nature possesses 200% more beneficial properties than the commonly used Aloe barbadensis (also known as Aloe vera).

In conclusion, at Nhuara Baret we spare no expense in providing our clients with a high-quality product. Our idea of luxury is a product that is high-quality, sublime and truly unique.