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The young Kaddouri Collado brothers are making their first entrepreneurial move into the world of cosmetics. Their aim is to offer the market a range of products that are of natural origin, proven efficacy and beneficial for the skin.

Impressed by the beneficial properties of argan oil, which is extracted from the fruit of a tree that grows in southern Morocco, the brothers began to learn about the world of natural ingredients. Later, having gained expertise in the extraction and preparation of natural oils, they worked with a team of French scientists to develop a brand that would offer the benefits of plant oils and natural ingredients while retaining the signature elegance of an exclusive product range of the very highest quality.

Finding a name for the brand was a difficult task, as it had to convey the true essence of the company’s products.

However, on 1 February 2012, Nhuara Baret was born. It is a composite name: “Nhuara” is derived from the Arabic word meaning “to flower”, and represents the natural core of the brand’s products, while “Baret” is the surname of the first female scientist to gain renown in the field of botany: Jeanne Baret. This intrepid woman, who was known for her great determination and will to succeed, disguised herself as a man in order to stow away on the first French scientific expedition to circumnavigate the globe, and her story and achievements captured the imagination of contemporary society.

The brand’s logo is inspired by a flower that has recently been named the Solanum baretiae in honour of the work of this ground-breaking botanist.


A tribute to Jeanne Baret

On 1 February 1767, the Étoile weighed anchor and sailed out of the French port of Rochefort. On board this ship, which formed part of the fleet led by the French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville, was a female scientist named Jeanne Baret, who had disguised herself as the servant of her companion Philibert Commerson. Commerson was a botanist, and was in charge of the expedition’s research activities; he was also Baret’s teacher and delegated to her a significant proportion of the task of collecting samples of more than 6,000 plant species, of which 3,000 were new to science.

After several years of arduous and heroic exploits, and despite being left behind on the island of Mauritius after the crew of the Étoile uncovered her secret, Baret managed to return to her native France. There, her extraordinary achievements in the field of botany were finally recognised and she was granted an honorary lifetime pension by King Louis XV.

Thus, Nhuara Baret pays homage to a woman who exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, determination and courage of the many women who have made history through their hard work and discoveries.



“Pursuing the perfection of nature.”

These words define who we are and what we want to achieve with Nhuara Baret.

We are a leading brand of luxury natural cosmetics. Through our innovation we are striving to become a truly natural brand that offers products of the very highest quality while maintaining the signature traits of elegance and luxury.

At Nhuara Baret we select the most exclusive and effective ingredients from nature and combine them with the most advanced French technologies in order to produce a new generation of formulas without using toxic chemicals. At all times we respect the principle of the “whole plant”, which allows us to maintain the beneficial synergies of ingredients that work together in harmony. We are great admirers of nature, and therefore we look after the environment by employing renewable energies in our manufacturing processes.

The lifting effect, optimum hydration and protection against external agents are noticeable from the very first applications. The skin is nourished, radiant, full of life and retains its beauty despite the passage of time.

Nhuara Baret is a luxury French brand of natural products that are designed to improve and accentuate the skin’s natural beauty, without using any toxic components. Nhuara Baret products offer the benefits that only natural ingredients such as our own special oils and fresh Aloe arborescens can bring.