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Cosmetic biotechnology comprises the use of the “biological machinery” of enzymes and microorganisms to produce active ingredients through biological reactions. These active ingredients are then added to formulas in order to combat effects such as dryness, skin contamination and signs of ageing.

At Nhuara Baret we have conducted research into biotechnology and use it to obtain our key active ingredients, which we then add to certain products in order to make them more effective and beneficial for the skin.


Baret Savoir Faire

We believe in pure cosmetics that are free from toxic components; cosmetics in which the quality and excellence of nature combine with advanced technologies to produce a new generation of beneficial formulas that offer effective and long-lasting results. This is our savoir faire, and it has led us to seek out and select the most effective raw materials. One such example is the gel of Aloe arborescens; it is obtained from organic plantations in southern Morocco and transported (under the strictest security conditions) more than 3,000 kilometres to our laboratories in France. There, it is refined into a pure essence with painstaking care and rigorously monitored for quality, before being added to our products in order to increase their effectiveness. At Nhuara Baret we go the extra mile to obtain the very best ingredients in order to create a range of products that boast the highest levels of effectiveness.

Our formulas are developed in accordance with the whole plant concept; and this, combined with the use of biotechnological processes to develop certain key active ingredients, helps improve the effectiveness of our products yet further.