Nhuara Baret
We're proud to be pioneers in applying the Totum Vegetal concept combined with state-of-the-art French technology in skin treatments.

The totum

In each set or totum, properties are observed that don't exist at a lower level. In other words, when a plant ingredient is used in its natural set, we secure more beneficial properties than by using its active principles individually.

This confirms the saying that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".


The advantages of respecting the Totum Vegetal when we use vegetal ingredients are the synergy and all-round nature of their properties. Synergy occurs when the balance and proportions between their active principles is maintained.

Extracting active principles from plants to use them individually in a treatment causes the loss of this balance and drastically reduces their benefits.

Respecting the Totum Vegetal increases the properties of the vegetal ingredients present in the treatments, resulting in all-round synergistic benefits, excellent tolerance and no side effects.

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