Nhuara Baret
We connect with Mother Nature and are fully aware that only by cherishing her will she give us the best she has.

From the land

At Nhuara Baret Paris, we carefully select our ingredients according to their richness in bioactives. To ensure their quality, we truly pamper the plants that contain them.

That's why our crops undergo soil and water studies and do not contain harmful pesticides. This means that we source unique and high-quality ingredients with bioactives that enhance the quality of our products and improve the care of our skin.


Without sustainability, nothing enters our equation. That's why the most important thing for us is to create a natural and efficient product, while always respecting the environment.

We use renewable energy and recyclable packaging in each manufacturing process. What's more, we don't use any compounds of animal origin or perform tests on animals.


Our team of experts in pharmacognosy has developed these formulas with fresh ingredients, respecting the engineering work of nature, the most sophisticated one around. Mother Nature gives us all her power with bioactives, which protect us from cell degeneration and slow down the ageing of our skin.

Our mission is to locate and blend the best ingredients of nature and keep them in their purest state. As a result, they enhance each other and deliver the best performance possible.

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